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Why Contact Lenses are Recommended for Physical Activities

Summary: Contact lenses are the perfect choice for athletes and people who live active lifestyles.

Unless you plan on wearing your eyeglasses or prescription goggles to your local pickup basketball game, contact lenses are the preferred choice for athletes and those that partake in physical activities. Here are some reasons why contacts can make all the difference when it comes to your active lifestyle.

Tried and Tested for Comfort

If you haven’t tried out contact lenses before, they are actually much more comfortable than glasses. You don’t need to worry about them falling off and the pressure from the back of the frame won’t cause discomfort while you’re working out or playing a sport. While it might take a bit of time to get used to, they are still highly recommended.

They Don’t Rip or Tear Easily

While most glasses need to be treated delicately, contact lenses are constructed to be durable. Unless you rub your eyes or suffer an injury directly on the contact lens itself, you shouldn’t expect them to spontaneously tear during an activity. However, it is important that you do keep a spare set of eyeglasses on you in the case that one of the lenses falls out. Or, you can keep an extra set of contact lenses stored away.

They are Extremely Versatile

Contact lenses are versatile in that they provide you with a wider range of vision than eyeglasses. Remember, your frames can only cover a specific area. Contact lenses on the other hand, grant you complete access to your peripheral vision, allowing you to see anywhere that your eyes move. This is great for those that play sports and rely on hand-eye coordination to play.

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What You Shouldn’t Do When You Visit the Salon

We all adore the respite of our favorite salon. But remember, even a relaxation point demands some basic level of decorum. Here is a list on the thing you shouldn’t do when you visit a salon.

Keep these etiquette points in mind, and you’ll always be welcome.

Don’t Come in Sick

It is rude. For instance, you wouldn’t show up at work sick, right? So, why share your sickness or germs with other customers or your stylist?

It’s easier to reschedule. That facial or haircut can wait.

Directions are Essential, But Don’t be Rude

If you have particular needs or instructions, it is always good to share. Be clear and concise. But don’t overdo it. Salon professionals don’t need you to give unending instructions.

Be mindful of your language. If you’ve to give corrections, use a courteous language.

Don’t Let Your Kids Go Wild

Salons and SPAs are public places. Do not let your young, loud kids disrupt other customers in the salon.

If possible, consider leaving your children at home. However, if it’s not possible, don’t expect spa professionals or clients to watch, or clean up after the mess your kids create.

If Things Go Wrong, Stay Calm

At times, the results may be different from your expectations. Despite this, you should not freak out. It will not ease the situation and certainly won’t fix your problem.

Explain calmly to your stylist what you do not like. Do not forget, the stylist wants to retain you as their loyal customer.

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How Massages Can Make You Look and Feel Younger

Article by Just 4 Life Products.

Summary: Facial massages can turn your frown upside down – literally.

Massages aren’t just to relieve stress and tension from a long day at work but are also used to bring out one’s inner youth. Now, this article isn’t promising anything, as many of these tactics and effects are purely subjective, but it’s important to understand that facial massages do have the ability to firm, lift, and contour skin’s radiance.

A Brief Background

Rather than visiting your local Asian massage  and paying a low rate to get your face stretched out by a novice, you’ll want to visit either a dermatologist or a specialty clinic to get obtain a proper facial massage. Medically speaking, there are not studies that show whether regular facial massages can provide skin glow and wrinkled reduction on the face. However, don’t lost faith as practice has shown that receiving a facial massage can provide similar benefits to invasive treatments like Botox or laser resurfacing – without the long and painful recovery time.

Facial Massages Around the U.S.

In the United States, facial massages have grown in popularity due to the aforementioned claims of youthful appearances. Skilled clinics are opening up and offering these services, as well as other massage techniques that offer other benefits.

The client is first treated with an assortment of creams followed by a steaming process. Then, depending on the spa, the masseuse will utilize anti-aging creams and apply a face pack. Massaging tools will then be gently used on the face like a roller for example. Just like exercise, facial massages allow the face to be firmed and toned to achieve fine lines and help stimulate cell growth.

Can It Really Help You Achieve a Youthful Appearance?

Most people showcase their stress through their face. When time passes, the facial expression tends to accelerate the aging process, leaving many with wrinkles, sagging brow lines, and an overall dull complexion. By incorporating facial massages into one’s daily routine, the skin’s blood circulation will be stimulated and help in tightening the skin and making it look and feel elastic again. Another benefit to facial massages is to de-puff the face and improve the lymphatic drainage, which minimizes wrinkles and helps facial tones.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will achieve the same results. There may be more noticeable improvement in some people as opposed to others. Not all skin types are the same, which makes the process unique as a whole. But, the only way for you to see whether or not a facial massage can work for you is to try it out and stay consistent. Receiving a facial massage regularly is the only way you’ll notice the benefits.