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Understanding the Cost of LASIK

For most patients, your optometrist will recommend daily or monthly contact lenses, eyeglasses, or LASIK surgery. The kind of vision correction solution you end up going with will usually boil down to personal preference, your financial situation, and your general lifestyle. For instance, a professional athlete who regularly runs and sweats may need something less restricting than standard eyeglasses. If you have sensitive eyes then touching them to apply and remove contact lenses may not sound appealing.

Due to the sophisticated nature of the procedure, LASIK is oftentimes regarded as a very expensive luxury very few can actually afford. However, after you break down expenses and put it into perspective, the treatment is much more manageable than you might think.

More Affordable Than Ever

As with any technology, LASIK was initially very pricey and only practical for those with more money to spend. Over the years the technology has improved, the process has become more efficient, and the treatment has become more popular. This widespread availability has made it just as easy to access as bausch and lomb contacts.

Prices May Vary

Since there are several different businesses that offer the service, the amount of money you can expect to pay for LASIK surgery may vary. It will be more expensive than contacts on but you can still find an affordable option. Some of the less expensive companies can give you the treatment for around $1,000 per eye, while the pricier places can go beyond $3,000 per eye. What separates these places is usually the kind of customer service you will receive, such as the pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery follow-up meetings.