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The Proper Care of Antique Jewellery

Shopping for antique and vintage jewellery is fun, especially when you find one-of-a-kind investment pieces. However, antique jewellery is extremely fragile, which is why it is important to learn how to store and preserve these rare treasures in your home.  The following is a brief guide on the proper care of antique and vintage jewellery.

Store jewels individually. Diamonds and other gems have a tendency to scratch each other when stored together. Make sure to store your diamond vintage rings separately. This is also true for other gems as well as pearls.

Clean jewels regularly. To restore the shine of your jewelry, you will need to clean them regularly. Regular cleanings will remove oils, soap, and dirt. Ask your jeweller on specific cleaning instructions depending on the type of gem. For example, pearl, opal, coral and ruminate should never be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Provide yearly check-ups. It is important to take your antique, vintage, and Art Deco rings to the jeweller once a year. The jeweller will inspect the jewellery for loose stones or worn claws. All loose stones can be tightened and worn claws can be repaired.

Follow the rules when wearing jewellery. If you plan to wear your vintage jewellery, make sure to put on perfume, makeup, and hair sprays before you put on your jewellery. All of these substances can damage gemstones. After each wearing, clean your jewellery with a soft cloth. Don’t wear antique pieces with gold chains or other items that will touch them. Also, don’t wear your jewellery while participating in activities such as sports, lifting weights, and housework.