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Understanding the Cost of LASIK

For most patients, your optometrist will recommend daily or monthly contact lenses, eyeglasses, or LASIK surgery. The kind of vision correction solution you end up going with will usually boil down to personal preference, your financial situation, and your general lifestyle. For instance, a professional athlete who regularly runs and sweats may need something less restricting than standard eyeglasses. If you have sensitive eyes then touching them to apply and remove contact lenses may not sound appealing.

Due to the sophisticated nature of the procedure, LASIK is oftentimes regarded as a very expensive luxury very few can actually afford. However, after you break down expenses and put it into perspective, the treatment is much more manageable than you might think.

More Affordable Than Ever

As with any technology, LASIK was initially very pricey and only practical for those with more money to spend. Over the years the technology has improved, the process has become more efficient, and the treatment has become more popular. This widespread availability has made it just as easy to access as bausch and lomb contacts.

Prices May Vary

Since there are several different businesses that offer the service, the amount of money you can expect to pay for LASIK surgery may vary. It will be more expensive than contacts on but you can still find an affordable option. Some of the less expensive companies can give you the treatment for around $1,000 per eye, while the pricier places can go beyond $3,000 per eye. What separates these places is usually the kind of customer service you will receive, such as the pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery follow-up meetings.


Methods to Cut Down on Screen-Related Vision Pain

There are a number of ways you might be taking care of your body. Eating balanced meals, drinking plenty of water, and making sure to get enough sleep are just a few of the many habits that can help you stay as energetic, alert, and happy.

Screen usage is ubiquitous in today’s society; smartphones and computers play a very large role in how the average person lives. Screen-related eye pain is a common problem that can easily be addressed by following a few simple steps.

Safe Distance

If you are a student, someone who works in an office, or a music producer, the idea of working without access to a computer is far from practical. One of the ways you may be causing unnecessary eye strain is by looking at the screen from a less-than-ideal distance. If your monitor is too close your eyes will be even more exposed to the light coming from it. If the screen is too far away, you may find yourself squinting to view what is on it. You can easily place an online order for contact lenses that can help you see better.

Low Brightness

Higher brightness levels can make it easier to view what is on a screen but too much brightness over an extended period of time can make your eyes feel fatigued. If you only plan on looking at a monitor for a couple of minutes then the higher brightness should not be too much of an issue. However, if you plan on editing a video for the next few hours, then working with a dimmer screen where you can still comfortably view everything can limit the amount of light your eyes absorb, ultimately preventing aches from quickly arising. contacts can help make text on the screen appear sharper if your eyesight is not perfect.

Understanding the Different Types of Contact Lens-Related Eye Infections

Summary: Infections that occur in the eyes due to a lack of proper care or cleaning can lead to visual impairment and even blindness. It’s important to emphasize cleanliness and good hygiene every time you wear your lenses.

Roughly 80 to 90 percent of contact-related eye infections are bacterial. Moreover, many involve a common, but tough to treat, type of bacteria called staphylococcus aureus. Severe cases may involve pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is a fast-growing bacterial infection that can create a hole in the cornea. Patients that suffer from this type of infection have a high chance of blindness or permanent scarring.

The good news is you can usually avoid these infections with the proper cleaning and maintenance routine. Here are some tips that reiterate your eye doctor’s instructions.

Keep an Eye Out for Any Signs of Infection

Eye infections generally have physical symptoms like painful eyes, irritation or discharge. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms or believe something could be wrong with your eyes, get it checked out by a doctor immediately. Risking an infection could potentially lead to losing your eyesight.

Never Use Water with Contact Lenses

Water may contain pollutants or pathogens that cause the infections mentioned above so be sure to avoid showering or swimming with your contact lenses on, according to Swimming actually presents serious problems. The vast number of bacteria within a pool can produce a serious infection caused by free-floating amoeba. This type of infection can cause visual impairment and even blindness in some cases.

If you have exposed your contact lenses to water of any sorts, you may want to dig into that new contact lenses that you purchased instead of wearing the same pair. I recommended brand is  Bausch and Lomb.