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Spring Fashion 2016

Spring Fashion 2016 is here. The winter season and style is out, and spring fashion glamour for 2015 is in. Spring fashion trends to wear show high heels and sweaters dominating the scene. The color yellow in spring fashion is in top gear. Black and white, and blue and white are the hottest trends now as well. Women’s fashion in spring shows bright colors, polk-a-dot trends, and stylish clothing with accessories. 







How to Make the Most Out of Your Online Shoe Purchase

Whether you’re looking for Vans Authentic on sale or Diamond Supply co clothing sale prices, you’ll almost always have an option when you shop online. That being said, there are still some things to look for before you decide to make a purchase.

While one of the easiest ways to save money on your online purchase is to shop popular auction sites, this is almost never a good idea when you’re looking to purchase shoes. That’s because it’s extremely difficult to be sure of the quality of the item. Even if the outside of the shoe looks acceptable, you can rarely be sure how the inside will appear. Of course, used shoes can often come with a distinct smell….  [READ MORE] (more…)

Paris Fashion Week 2015

Paris fashion week 2015! The Paris fashion show and week is finally over. Parisian runways are always busy and front and center, especially with 2015 fashion. Jewels, modeling, and celebrities dominated the scene. Cool collections for the season, blonde Kim Kardashian, Givenchy facial piercings, musical throwbacks, and the latest, top fashions, including Zoolander 2. Pink, coats, sweaters, fancy hats, fashion police, and throwback feels to fashion dominated.







Prom Dresses 2016 for Cheap

Prom 2016 is here and prom dresses 2016 for cheap shows us the top designs and dresses that are trending for the spring prom season 2016. Prom is a big high school dance event for all levels of students and it’s important to fashion and glamour yourself with the top designs and trends. Top prom dress colors include the usual pink prom dress, orange prom dress, blue prom dress, and white prom dress. Let’s take a look











Cocoon Fajas – Shapewear You Must Have

Shapewear is easy enough to understand. They hug to your body contour perfectly making your silhouette more flattering by eliminating unwanted bulges instantly making you look and feel slimmer. Cocoon shapewear is one such product readily available in the market that gives you the satisfaction of an enhanced figure instantaneously. Other than making your belly visibly flatter and making your love handles practically invisible, these nifty fashion garments help you outline and enhance your bodily assets even more – making you project your body to an extent that you’ve never even imagined before.

This isn’t all just an illusion; it’s practically the nearest thing to instant slimming. Compression undergarments have long been seen in the history of the world, from girdles to rubber back braces – contemporary technology has adapted these into more modern needs and concerns.

Cocoon fajas are of another line of shapewear, catering to more particular shaping and accentuating needs. Varying in coverage from the torso, legs or full body, coming in a multitude of other varieties such as enhancing bust and buttocks, giving them a more voluptuous look to the more discreet that makes it seem like there’s nothing in there at all.

Combined with the latest compression technology incorporated into the lightest of fabrics, these are very much intended for everyday use – a revolutionized underwear of sorts – without any chronic discomfort. They are also made from high-grade fabrics and other peripheral materials, which keep them durable and highly sanitized all throughout their useful life.

From Modern To Vintage

Generally the term vintage is referred to the cars, clothes and instruments of the previous decades.

For example, when you hear somewhere: “Oh, what a nice vintage tee shirt  you are wearing!”, you instantly understand that it looks like the clothes that were made during 1940-1980’s. Many of you (especially those people who are interested in the global fashion) will even be able to guess the year it was produced.

There are many people who are interested in what is so special about vintage clothes that people even today wear them and feel very comfortable. The reasons
are various:

Creativity – Vintage clothes include a lot of imaginative styles.

Quality – Vintage clothes were not designed for a one-time use. These clothes had such a good and high quality that they were even passed to the other family members.

Look – Vintage clothes provide you with a perfect and unique look because of one simple fact – they are all produced in small quantities. It means that two people will hardly ever wear the same clothes.

Investment – There are many people who buy vintage clothes not to wear them but to add them to their collection. Besides collecting vintage clothes, like
m65 field jacket or vintage T-shirts, has become one of the widely accepted hobbies for many people due to the low costs and high quality.

Celebrities’ choice – A lot of celebrities, like Julia Roberts, Kate Moss and other such Hollywood stars, wear vintage clothes. And this always keeps and gradually increases the interest of people towards these clothes.

Two days ago I was walking with my dog along the streets, when I suddenly noticed a group of boys and girls entering a disco club. But what attracted my attention was not the quantity of boys and girls or whether they were nice or not. It was the way they were dressed – they had all put on disco clothing, the clothing that we wore when we were 20-25 or more. I was so shocked and at the same time so happy to see that.

And when I told my husband about that, he looked at me profoundly and said: “Sometimes an old fiddle plays a better tune than hundreds of new ones and that is, what today’s youth is starting to understand”.

Rare and Beautiful Vintage Jewellery

Blog submitted by Cynthia Findlay Antiques, a seller of fine estate and vintage jewellery.

Good vintage rings and other types of estate jewellery are known to keep their value for the long haul. And it’s not just that estate jewellery tends to be a very stable investment, there is also the added advantage of the wonderful bevy of styles it comes in — without exception you can find something to love. Antique or vintage rings, bracelets, and necklaces present an incredible array of gem choices, arrangements, and special period styles.

If you chance upon a piece that you admire and that holds real value, knowing that it’s capable of weathering the whims of fashion well is more than a reassurance. The fact of the matter is that good quality never goes out of style. What’s more, the value of quality vintage jewellery tends to accumulate securely because pieces possess inherent value and the number of their exemplars diminishes over time — the rarer a beautiful item is, the more desirable it becomes.

Onitsuka Tiger Shoes For Every Occasion

If you’re looking for a great pair of shoes that have a unique look that you can wear any time of the day or night then check out Onitsuke tiger shoes. These shoes stand out in the crowd and you can wear them at any time of the day or night. You can wear them for shopping, lunch, dinner or a night out on the town. Their unique design and comfort will make you wear them everywhere. You can search online to find websites that sell them and shop from home.

Today it’s all about shoes that have a unique look, style, or color. The more unusual the shoe is the more women love them. Styles today have gone from basic to outrageous and many women create their outfits starting with their shoes. Heels have gone from the average height to well over six inches. Colors have gone from the basic brown, black and white to multi-color, neon and even custom shades.

If you’re looking for a Vans Authentic on sale or sites that have The Hundreds on sale then you need to go to Their extensive inventory has some of the most unusual styles on the Internet today. Stop by and take a look around to find a style you have been looking for. If you have an outfit that you can’t find the right color shoe for consider a custom color. You can buy any style shoes you want and have them custom colored to match any outfit.