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What to Do When Your Contact Lenses Expire

Your Air Optix contacts have an expiration date that you should be aware of. Ever case of soft contact lenses is packaged with a foil cover, which seals the container and leaves the lenses in non-preserved saline (along with an additional wetting agent). This is done to keep the contents of the package fully hydrated until the lens packaging is opened by the user.

On that foil cover, you might notice there is more than the branding. There, you will find technical data about the lenses contained inside. Below or around that data is the expiration date for your lenses. This date is typically expressed as the year first and then the month. In some cases, you may see these numbers reversed but that’s the generally accepted format.

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Understanding the Expiration Date

Expired lenses are not a hazard to you unless you try and use them. Lenses that are past their expiration date have a strong potential for infection. It’s important for users to carefully inspect the expiration date before applying new lenses.

Sometimes, lenses expire. We may not need them during periods when we wear glasses, like allergy season, and by the time we do need them they are past their date. If this happens tto you, revisit the website you purchased from. Most contact lens sellers have a program setup to deal with expired lenses. Usually they exchange the lens for up-to-date replacements for a small fee. Most users should try and go this route. It’s the most cost effective, and the least wasteful to you.

If this doesn’t work for you, your next best option is a trip to your doctor. If your lenses have expired, there’s a chance your prescription is out of date. A trip to the eye doctor will bring your prescription current. Plan on an eye exam every year or two to be sure your prescription is accurate and your vision remains acute.

The next best option is to visit your eye doctor. If lenses are expired, there’s a chance that your prescription may have changed. It is advisable to get a new eye exam every year or two to make sure your vision remains acute.

Finally, if you notice that the lens fluid has evaporated then discard the package immediately. Evaporated packaging often contains dried or damaged lenses.